Staking Rewards Announced for Gojiswap Exchange!

Gojiswap Exchange
Gojiswap Exchange

Earn Passive Rewards & Governance Through Gojiswap Staking

The Gojiswap Exchange services and staking rewards roadmap is near completion. We are happy to be able to share with you today how the community will reap those rewards!

The Hanu Yokia ($HANU) token is and always will be the doorway and the key to the Goji Cryptoverse. Through $HANU you can swap for other ecosystem tokens; Mia Neko ($MIA) and Goji ($GOJ). Staking these three tokens will be a key element of unlocking the ability for maximum rewards on the Gojiswap Exchange. In short, load those $HANU bags to get ready for swapping and staking. The more you stake, the faster you earn!

Staking $HANU, $MIA, and/or $GOJ will allow users to yield a return of the Safaia Gabanansu ($GABA) governance token. $GABA will have an initial value near 1000x that of $GOJ and will be the most valuable token in the ecosystem with only 1m coins minted. In addition, $GABA also provides the owner governance within the Gojiswap Exchange platform.

Safaia Gabanansu ($GABA) Governance Token

Compounding Reward Structure**

Staking any single Goji token will yield a return of $GABA. However, users will have the unique opportunity to compound their rate of reward return by staking multiple Goji assets at the same time. Users who commit to staking their assets for periods of 6 months or longer will also receive an additional block reward percentage.

x HANU = y GABA per block 
x MIA = 1000y GABA per block 
x GOJ = 1000000y GABA per block 

Staking 2 assets = y + 10% per block 
Staking 3 assets = y + 20% per block

 +5% additional y per block every 6 months continuously staked

Accrued $GABA will be available over a 30 day linear drip at time of harvest.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only will yielded $GABA be valuable by itself. The Gojiswap Exchange will feature a unique staking pool for $GABA. Entering $GABA in this pool will reward 25%** of Gojiswap’s service fee revenues proportional to the overall value of the stake pool held. These rewards will be paid in ETH or USDC.

Gojiswap service fee revenues will be generated from multiple services to be offered.

Fee based services offered will include:

  • Yield farming as a service
    • Yield farms offered to other tokens / projects with Gojiswap liquidity pools as a fee based service
  • Token locking as a service
    • Token locking offered to other coins / projects as a fee based service
  • Liquidity locking as a service
    • LP locking offered to other coins / projects as a fee based service
  • Governance UI as a service
    • Offer a governance and voting platform for other projects to utilize without the need to program their own governance UI as a fee based service

**Reward structure subject to change if any issues are identified with current structure that could compromise the project or its users. Percentages and payouts shown are preliminary. Actual rates will be shown on Gojiswap Exchange at time of release.

Get Involved

The future growth and success of the Goji Crypto token ecosystem greatly revolves around community interaction and engagement. We encourage our holders to join us on all of our social platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to continue spreading the word.

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  1. This project looks amazing! Long term hold here. I’m going to load up now before it’s to late. I’m not missing this golden opportunity.

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