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Recent Uptrend Following CoinMarketCap Listing

Hanu Yokia ($HANU) Listed on CoinMarketCap Holders celebrated ‘a win’ this week as we took another big step in the right direction with HANU being listed on CoinMarketCap. After the price of HANU was in a downtrend true HODLers were waiting for a catalyst that would turn things around. All

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XT.com Listing Announcement

$HANU Receives First Central Exchange Listing at XT.com

The rumors are true, Hanu Yokia will receive its first exchange listing! If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Goji Crypto Discord server, you may have already heard the rumors or news. Today, Goji Crypto can officially announce that our Hanu Yokia token will receive its first exchange

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Yahoo Benzinga

Goji Crypto Featured on Benzinga and Yahoo! Finance

Goji Crypto Will Revolutionize Blockchain for Business What happens when you’re making big moves in the crypto space? You get noticed. Goji Crypto has been making such big moves that we’ve caught the attention of Benzinga and Yahoo! Finance. Recently, Goji Crypto had an article published on Benzinga Crypto News

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Benzinga Crypto Trading Festival

Goji Crypto Forms Partnership with Benzinga

Big Moves for Goji Crypto Goji Crypto has recently taken some huge steps forward and it is reflecting on the charts. Within a week of its official launch, the project has reached numerous milestones through its organic growth approach. The Lite Paper and White Paper are now on the project’s

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Record Gains for $HANU Following Gojiswap Announcement

Explosive Growth and Record Gains for $HANU Token Following the highly anticipated announcement of the Gojiswap Exchange’s reward structure on Tuesday, $HANU sees record gains the following day. According to CoinGecko’s statistics Hanu Yokia saw an overall 24-hour price increase in excess of 220% on Wednesday July 21, 2021 during

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Staking Rewards Announced for Gojiswap Exchange!

Earn Passive Rewards & Governance Through Gojiswap Staking The Gojiswap Exchange services and staking rewards roadmap is near completion. We are happy to be able to share with you today how the community will reap those rewards! The Hanu Yokia ($HANU) token is and always will be the doorway and

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