Hanu Yokia ($HANU)

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Hanu Yokia is the first publicly available token in the ecosystem and is available for purchase on the Uniswap decentralized AMM exchange platform.

The goal of Hanu Yokia is to build a community driven token that is the foundation for the Goji business platform to adopt as its first transactional token.

Contract Address: 0x72e5390edb7727e3d4e3436451dadaff675dbcc0

Hanu Tokenomics


Total Minted: 1 Quadrillion
Locked to MIA Liquidity: 250 Trillion
Locked to GOJ Liquidity: 250 Trillion
Unicrypt Token Locks + Fees: 499 Trillion
Approx Circulating Supply: 1 Trillion

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How to Set Slippage

Setting your slippage to .5% or less helps prevent your transaction from being front-run by a bot when you purchase.  This prevents the price from being inflated before your transaction, costing you more money.