Public Blockchains Vs. Their Private Network Counterparts

The Goji platform offers true utility unlike other altcoins available on the market today. Hanu Yokia is the first step in allowing Goji to launch their SaaS platform. We welcome you to be a part of a different kind of crypto community where the goal is organic sustainable growth and price stability


Anyone in the world can connect to the network. Wealth, status or location do not prohibit access


Records are kept simultaneously across thousands of computers instead of a central server


A central party is not required to ensure transactions are valid


All transactions are publicly auditable

Censorship Resistant

A central party cannot invalidate a user’s transactions, reverse changes, or shut off the network


Developers can program business logic into low-cost and interoperable financial services

Ecosystem Contributors

Businesses that contribute towards the vision and growth of Goji Crypto while developing additional services and components

Goji Crypto Holdings LLC

Goji MetaLabs LLC

Goji Services, Inc


Business Relationships providing long term, strategic alliance for our Ecosystem